Thursday, March 6, 2008

Want To Know More?

There is a lot of information on the web about the ins and outs of the natural gas industry. In fact there is more information than many will want to explore. Links to some of the sites are provided here in the right hand column.

One good overview is provided by the Natural Gas Supply Association . One of links on this site provides a fairly detailed layman's description of the process from wellhead to burner. Be prepared to spend a while absorbing all the information.

Another resource on the Barnett Shale is provided by the Rail Road Commission of Texas. The RRC also has a maps on line that give you details of all permitted wells and pipelines in your area. These maps allow you to click on a well site or pipeline and see all the permits and related surveys as well as any well production data.

The Barnett Shale Energy Education Council is sponsored by several of the major Barnett Shale operators. It provides a good overview of the situation from the operator's point of view.

Another good overview is provided at Wikipedia's Barnett Shale entry.

These links and the ones in the right hand column of this site are some of the best online resources I have found and several of them have links to additional information. If you find a good one, leave a comment here and I will make sure it is posted.


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