Monday, February 25, 2008

What Happens At A Well Site?

Once a well is permitted, the drilling process begins. First the well site is prepared and the rig is brought in and made ready for drilling. Different rig manufacturers have somewhat different processes but one that is very efficient is shown on here .

After the rig is ready drilling begins. Here is an animation of what happens in the hole. The drilling process takes a week or two and is followed by casing the well and hydraulic fracturing.

The drill bit is suspended from lengths of pipe. During the drilling process, the drill pipe has to be lowered and raised repeatedly. Here is a movie of the process of lowering and adding lengths (about 90 ft) of pipe with a highly automated set of rig tools.

Once the well is drilled, the rig is torn down and moved to a new site (2 to 3 days) or skidded to the side about 20 ft (6 to 8 hrs) to a new well location as shown in this animation .

Dale Resources has also posted a good overview presentation.


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